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With the aim to take the spatial poetry of theatre out of the building and have its benefits spread into the street, Thyrza Coenraad (1997) uses theatre techniques as a methodology to design for grounded social change.

With a BA in Interior Design (2020) and a MA in Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven (2022), Thyrza is equipped to design with an unorthodox workflow on a wide range of projects. From scenography to the redesign of work clothing of public cleaners for Gemeente Rotterdam, to storytelling coaching and artistic research.

In 2021 the designer
became affiliated with puntCO. A company aimed to design for social change, with two feet on the ground. Starting initiatives within small communities ready for the ripple effect.

Wish I Were Here (Act 2), Zuid. Boijmans van Beuniningen, Rotterdam (SUMMER2024)
Working Clothes, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (MAR-SEP2023)
Robin in de Hood, TG Gewoon Leuk, Rotterdam (MAY2023)
Wish I Were Here, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (FEB-APR2023)
Wish I Were Here, GS22 Design Academy Eindhoven, DDW (OCT2022)
Wish I Were Here, de Stokerij, Stad in de Maak, Rotterdam (JUN2022)
Sapiens, Haka gebouw x Hofplein theater, Rotterdam, (JUN2022)
Dat Smaakt Naar Meer, CultureHub, Rotterdam (SEP2021)
Voor Al Wat Ik Bemin, HKU, Utrecht (JUL2021)
Thomas & Andrea, Hofplein theater, Rotterdam (MAR2020)
Assepoetser, Hofplein theater, Rotterdam (MAR2020)


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