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(2021) (coming up: December 2024)

What dish tastes like home?

Dat Smaakt Naar Meer is a dinner-experience where we celebrate what Rotterdam has to offer. Four women from Rotterdam from different generations, culinary and cultural backgrounds take centre stage and invite you into their personal stories behind a delicious dish. After several workshops in storytelling techniques and cooking sessions this storytelling dinner was created, in which our women serve you their world, dish and special stories. Through the personal stories they open their kitchens to show you the scent, the color and flavor of their stories to ensure every bite will taste éven better!

Come for the food, stay for the stories.
The flavor beyond recipes.

Want to see the full recording of the performance? Contact:

Storytellers+Text: Adriane Razafindrafito, Chantal Carrilho, Patty Voll, Virginia Gil

Storytelling Coordinator: Justin Van Den Berg

Coaching: Justin Van Den Berg, Thyrza Coenraad

Production: Thyrza Coenraad, Valentina Gritti

Food Coordinator: Valentina Gritti

Design: Thyrza Coenraad

Text Booklet: Justin Van Den Berg

Photos+Graphic Design Booklet: Thyrza Coenraad

Images performance: Ewald Coenraad, Merijn van den Nieuwendijk

Location: CultureHub Rotterdam


Funded by the Municipality of Rotterdam.



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