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Wish I Were Here is a community storytelling project that explores the emotions around the growing housing crisis. The project memorialises spaces that have been lost or removed due to the increasing homogenisation of living and architectural standards. With a particular focus on the disappearing alternative ways of living – like squatting, social housing, co-living and free spaces – this project aims to add onto the standard archival photos, text and films that tend objectify homes in terms of materials and economics. This project seeks a way to create an archive of memories, emotions and experiences that are transmitted from one body to another. Through a methodology of participatory theatre this project demonstrates how storytelling can rebuild space from collective memory, allowing both the storyteller and the audience to find empowerment by regaining access to a lost building.

Act 2, Tweebosbuurt, is in development! Coming up in 2024 in collaboration with Zuid. Boijmans van Beuningen.
First public showcase: 3rd of February during Art Week Rotterdam.

Storytellers: Edwin Dobber, Mirjam Dobber, Mustapha Eaisaouiyen
Storytelling coaching, set design, visuals: Thyrza Coenraad
Production: Stijn Kempen, Birgit van Beek
Graphic design: Juliette Vandermosten
Videography: Merijn van den Nieuwendijk

Act 1, Almondestraat, is in collaboration with the community of Stad in de Maak.
Storytellers: Bryan Keehnen, Brooklyn Keehnen, Jaleesa den Haan
Storytelling coaching, set design, visuals, artistic research: Thyrza Coenraad
Photos: Merijn van den Nieuwendijk, Thyrza Coenraad, Chiara Catalini
Videography: Merijn van den Nieuwendijk
Video edit: Thyrza Coenraad

Act 1 was part of a MA graduation project Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
Special thanks to Marina Otero

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