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Suspended reality and its contribution to performance

What suspends reality, turning the room into part of another world? As a theatre maker the design of suspended reality comes instinctively. But how and why does this work?

This thesis investigates this moment of suspended reality within an artificial, designed setting. What makes the room turn into the constructed world by a trick of the mind? Knowing it is not real, yet choosing to make it reality for a moment. Dat Smaakt Naar Meer will be presented as the case study and all concepts put forth by academics and professionals explored in this thesis will be related, where possible, to examples of stories and designs from the case study. This text will analyse what suspended reality is in the context of theatre and performance, comparing psychological theories to get an understanding of what makes a designed reality suspended in a human experience, and look at established programs where theatre and the use of suspended reality have a possible impact on a social level, both for the individual and within a community.

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